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Bjorn Banke

The Lineage


I grew up carving in my fathers workshop on a small island off Tofino on the west coast of Canada.

He is a carver and when I was young I witnessed the most amazing carvings being made. He was extremely good at carving driftwood.

His pieces sold regularly. I watched I tried I was 5.

We didn't have any running water or electricity...no TVs. So I kept busy by carving in my father's workshop.

My father learned from his father and like his father before he passed it to me.

We use old steel, we use my grandfathers tools.

My uncle Chris was a noted woodcarver that inspired both my father and myself. He was very gifted.

I use the island experience to support my young family.

I feel freedom in the ability to create.

I feel the rich experience of living on the ocean.

Thank you dad!


The Wood

I used to search the west coast beaches for wood both domestic and foreign such as California redwood, teak, mahogany, cam fir etc.

I now search for old loggers or wood people that collected wood from a bygone era,Old growth cedar burls are my favorite. Yellow cedar birds eye burls with their incredible smell and strength not to mention mesmerizing grain.

These burls are from trees that may be 7oo to 1500 years old..

I drive all over Vancouver island and BC collecting wood and hearing the amazing stories that accompany them.

I like naturals as well. Maple is fun, redwood smells great.


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